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  • Nebmertuf a Royal Scribe

    Scribes enjoyed a leading place in the administration of ancient Egypt. The position was offered to those who had finished school and had completed their ...
    330.00 AED
  • Horse at Halt, Degas. Reproduction

    Hand-patinated reproduction. Mould made from an impression of the original work by Hilaire Germain Edgar de Gas, known as Degas, exhibited at the Musée d'Orsay. ...
    1,799.00 AED
  • Pompon Polar Bear Figurine

    François Pompon's polar bear figurine in PVC, edited in partnership with the Papo brand. The "Pompon" line of products for children offers a stylised and ...
    60.00 AED
  • Bastet Cat

    Goddess Bastet as a Cat Reproduction patinated by hand. Mold made from an imprint of the original work exhibited at the Louvre. Goddess Bastet is ...
    850.00 AED
  • Scribe of Saqqarah

    The Seated Scribe is considered one of the masterpieces of the Louvre Museum and the Egyptian statuary. Its great reputation is due to its very ...
    1,650.00 AED
  • Pyramidion of Bennebensekhauef

    The pyramidion, originally placed on the top of the small pyramid over the tomb of the owner, was an important feature of the funerary cult ...
    265.00 AED