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  • Astrolab Eastern

    Astrolabe Oriental Reproduction of an astrolabe, realized by Diyal'al Din Muhammad in 1647. An original copy of this astrolabe is carefully preserved at the Adler ...
    620.00 AED
  • Nocturnal Dial Keyring

    The piece is a reproduction of an instrument dated 1570 and signed by Humphrey Cole. This instrument is in the British Museum, London. The original ...
    160.00 AED
  • Magnifying Glass Brass

    Turned wood, brass finial, ground and polished glass magnifies 3x. A lasting accessory for bookshelf or coffee table. Color: Honey & Brass/Distressed French finish Width: ...
    250.00 AED
  • Planispherical Astrolabe

    The Astrolabe is the most sophisticated and beautiful astronomical instrument. Used to measure time, azimuths and declinations of stars... In Europe the Astrolabe became an ...
    580.00 AED
  • Lunar Calendar and Tide Calculator

    This instrument consists of a perpetual lunar calendar on one side and an abacus or tide calculator on the other. It is based on the ...
    490.00 AED
  • Stand for Eye of Time

    Great accessory to the Eye of Times. Solid brass base and hanger in duotone bronzed finish. Clock sold separately. Color: Bronzed Finished Width: 7.5cm Length: ...
    210.00 AED
  • Stand for Globe

    Classic sphere stands in turned wood, polished aluminum or bronzed brass. Height: 17,5 cm Globe is not included
    145.00 AED
  • Eye Of time, big

    The hero of our story is an anonymous watchmaker in Regency London. Trying to combine a travel clock that needs to be small while easy ...
    365.00 AED
  • Globe Exploration

    The Age of Exploration Keepsake Charming size, conveying the same historical detail as our larger globe models. Precious silk ribbon attached to an antique brass ...
    70.00 AED
  • Compass Urania Propitia

    Compass Urania Propitia is homage to pioneering women astronomers. "Urania Propitia", the title of Maria Cunitz's book became her nickname, thanks to her outstanding scientific ...
    450.00 AED
  • Compass Octogonal Brass

    Any object that produces a shadow is potentially a sundial. The construction of a sundial will depend on the selected projection plane: the equator, the ...
    200.00 AED
  • 18th Century Sundial and Compass

    Not that long ago people actually lived by sundial time. Every village and town functioned on local time, depending on local latitude. The arrival of ...
    240.00 AED