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  • Nebmertuf a Royal Scribe

    Scribes enjoyed a leading place in the administration of ancient Egypt. The position was offered to those who had finished school and had completed their ...
    315.00 AED
  • Small Fertility Idol Plaque

    This figurine has a rectangular body and is decorated with necklaces. The arms and facial features are stylized by engraved furrows ending in cupules. The ...
    630.00 AED
  • Scribe of Saqqarah

    The Seated Scribe is considered one of the masterpieces of the Louvre Museum and the Egyptian statuary. Its great reputation is due to its very ...
    1,650.00 AED
  • Chinese Horse

    Like ancient Greece, ancient China was fascinated by the horse. As early as the Chang Dynasty (17th -11th century B.C.), it accompanied sovereigns to their ...
    850.00 AED
  • Lion of Susa

    The Babylonians, like their Elamite neighbors, gave their weight as a large duck stone. The Assyrians preferred execute bronze weight in the form of lion ...
    450.00 AED
  • Pyramidion of Bennebensekhauef

    The pyramidion, originally placed on the top of the small pyramid over the tomb of the owner, was an important feature of the funerary cult ...
    265.00 AED