Small Fertility Idol Plaque

This figurine has a rectangular body and is decorated with necklaces.

The arms and facial features are stylized by engraved furrows ending in cupules.

The ears are treated as pierced projections.

These figurines used to be placed in tombs and should be interpreted as a female symbol of fertility.

Their shape and decoration indicate that they might be miniature reproductions of wooden cult statues that were placed in sanctuaries.

Given their size and shape, they might also have been worn by women as pendants.

Reproduction in hand patinated resin


H. 30,5 L. 11,5 P. 4 cm

H. 12.0″ L. 4.5″ D. 1.6″ – 2,2 lbs



Material of the original

Modelled terracotta


Circa 2100-2000 B.C. Early Bronze III or Middle Bronze I

680.00 AED

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