Lion of Susa

The Babylonians, like their Elamite neighbors, gave their weight as a large duck stone. The Assyrians preferred execute bronze weight in the form of lion lying on a rectangular base and with a handle for convenient handling.

This magnificent piece of animal sculpture symbolizes the spirit of an heiress of an immense civilization past, yet full of originality. This molding reduction was made on the occasion of the Persepolis celebration to be offered to certain personalities.

Reproduction in hand patinated resin


H. 10,5 L. 19 P. 9 cm – 1,2 kg

H.4.13″ W. 7.48″ D. 3.54″ – 2.65 lbs


Iran, Susa, excavations J. de Morgan

Material of the original



5th century BC, Achaemenid Period

450.00 AED

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