Nebmertuf a Royal Scribe

Scribes enjoyed a leading place in the administration of ancient Egypt. The position was offered to those who had finished school and had completed their training in the administration.

The young scribe student went through an exam after which he was granted a reed and a palette. He was then qualified to join the administration.

Scribes came from any social class. A scribe’s career required a wide range of skills and personnel abilities helped him climb the echelons of public office : thanks to his reed, a scribe could climb right up “to Pharaoh’s feet”. When at work, the scribe sits cross-legged, in one hand he holds a reed and in the other is a palette, a flat piece of wood pierced to hold two pots of red and black ink ; a roll of papyrus is spread over his knees.

Many pictures from the amarnian period depict the god Thot, patron of science and art, and god of intelligence, placed in front of the scribe to protect and give him inspiration.

Reproduction in hand patinated resin


H. 13 cm; W. 7 cm; D. 6 cm

H. 5.1″ W. 2.75″ D. 2.36″ – 1.3 lbs


H. 2 L. 8,5 P. 8,5 cm

H. 0.79″ W. 3.35″ D. 3.35″



Material of the original



Circa 1370 B.C., Period of Amenophis III, 18th dynasty

345.00 AED

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