Pyramidion of Bennebensekhauef

The pyramidion, originally placed on the top of the small pyramid over the tomb of the owner, was an important feature of the funerary cult practiced by ancient Egyptians.

The four faces of this example are engraved with prayers to permit the deceased to share the fate of the sun, that is to say eternal renaissance, in the next world.

This particular pyramidion comes from the tomb of an important member of the Theban clergy during the 21st Dynasty, around 1000 BC.

Reproduction in hand patinated resin


H. 8 L. 7,5 P. 7,5 cm – 300 g

H. 3.15″ W. 2.95″ D. 2.95″ – 0.7 lbs



Material of the original



Circa 1000 BC, 21st Dynasty

300.00 AED

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