Rosenthal mini ‘Vase of Phases’, 10 cm, White

Rosenthal GmbH is one of the most renowned German manufacturers of porcelain, table and kitchen accessories. Rosenthal creates products that are unique in their form, function and quality, which symbolize  internationally the cultural value “Made in Germany”. In collaboration with renowned artists and designers, stylish tableware collections and creative porcelain pieces have been created as an expression of high table culture and is embodiment of tradition and innovation.

The ‘Vase of Phases’ was designed by Dror Benshetrit and symbolises the experience of transformations in life. His development of the ‘Vase of Phases’ has progressed through several stages of creation on its way to completion. A femininely shaped vase forms the basis, which then – in line with the artist’s intent – steps into an experimental phase, where it is shattered. It then becomes rougher, seductive, sharp and enticing. These changes are visualised on the “broken” object by smudged cracks and smoothed out folds. The ‘Vase of Phases’ is thus awarded a new type of beauty showing traces of the three phases it has gone through.

Height: 10 cm

Material: Porcelain

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