Monsieur Lacroix Vase

“It is an invitation that cannot be refused, particularly when it seems to be one of those coincidences that is not really a coincidence.

In fact it was Cour Visconti, at the Ecole du Louvre, where I learnt the little I know about Islamic art, forty years ago, day after day or almost, when I still pictured myself as a museum curator, before I deviated from the straight and narrow and veered off towards design, which has now brought me back to the Louvre collections today.

The exceptional pieces that now appear in Ricciotti & Bellini’s majestic wing are neither plagiarised nor replicated: the few objects I chose for the museum are faithfully, respectfully and very freely inspired by the treasures of the pavillion of Islamic Arts, an inexhaustible source of inspiration for and influence on western art since generations became enamoured by the east.

These scarves, ceramics and jewellery do not claim to contain the essence of the works displayed, but simply to be a reflection to take away.”

Christian Lacroix

Designer Monsieur Lacroix for RMN-GP

Material: Earthenware

Art movement: Islamic Art

Dimensions: ⌀ – 16.5 cm; H – 25 cm

1,300.00 AED

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