Journeys through Louvre Abu Dhabi

Let the adventure begin! Prepare to embark on a journey of exploration through the collection of masterpieces sheltered under the dome of Louvre Abu Dhabi – a museum that is a gateway to the world. Travelling across time and space, we will carry you away to unknown shores, and lead you through galleries rich with encounters: a strange two-headed idol more than 4000 years old; a Chinese winged dragon ready to pounce; or a lovely, smiling angel with scarlet wings. We will introduce you to a fearsome Japanese samurai, Turkish horsemen (who are best left undisturbed) and enigmatic creatures made by the Papuan and Inuit peoples. Guided by portolan charts and astrolabes, we will plough the high seas in search of wonders, and throw open the doors of cabinets of curiosities filled with mother-of-pearl objects and precious gemstones. We will admire the works of Gauguin and Manet, together with those of contemporary artists like Giuseppe Penone and Mounir Fatmi. So with no more delay, step aboard and be sure to keep your eyes wide open!

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