Colouring and Art

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  • Large Poster ‘Paris’

    Folded into a bright package, discover the capital city of France while coloring: Notre-Dame, Arch de Triomphe, Saint Germain des Prés, the Eiffel Tower, Sacré-Coeur, ...
    90.00 AED
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    Large Poster ‘Pyramid’

    Discover the ancient Egyptian Pyramids with this poster! Hundreds of tiny details, and a huge sense of humor for the entire family to enjoy! Kids ...
    90.00 AED
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    Large poster ‘New York’

    Come and explore the city while coloring: Manhattan, Brooklyn, Williamsburg, famous bridges, skyscrapers, monuments, and much more! Hundreds of tiny details, and a huge sense ...
    90.00 AED
  • Pocket Map ‘France’

    Give a personal touch to your map of France! Pocket Maps are journey souvenirs to be filled in, colored, and annotated with memories of the ...
    49.00 AED
  • Box of 9 Gel Crayons

    Ideal for kids! Intense and smooth watercolors The box becomes a pretty pencil holder for your desk or office
    75.00 AED
  • Box of 16 Colored Pencils ‘Pop’

    Make coloring extra fun with these bright and neon colored pencils 16 assorted colors : 10 neons and 6 shiny colors The box becomes a ...
    80.00 AED
  • Box of 9 Felt Pens Neon

    9 Neon colors : Neon-Yellow ( x2) , Neon-orange, Neon-green, Neon-purple, Neon blue, Neo-pink (x2) Double-tipped : One fine and one Large
    49.00 AED
  • Coloring Frieze ‘4 Season’

    Giant poster that stretches up to 180cm showing you all 4 seasons we know and experience from 4 different corners of the world. Have fun ...
    115.00 AED
  • Coloring Frieze ‘Evolution’

    A humoristic trip through the ages ! From stone Age to the new millenium: cro-magnons, Greek gods, Vikings, Pirates, knights, inventions and robots… Hours of ...
    115.00 AED