Wacho Hand-dyed Indigo Notebook ‘Bokashi’, Awagami Factory

Awagami’s home of Tokushima is the birthplace of Japanese indigo where farmers have been cultivating it for centuries. Indigo’s humble beauty was revived during the Japanese folk-crafts or ‘Mingei’ movement (1965) and our mill proudly carries on our forefathers indigo tradition. This traditional Japanese style stitched book features a textured indigo paper cover that has been crinkled and slowly dyed to create its lovely random pattern. Inside you will find 25 warm white washi pages that are suitable for writing, drawing, collage, stamping, etc…. Each book is unique and can be used either right-to-left (Japanese) or flip to use left-to-right (Western).

Size: 18 x 24 cm


95.00 AED

نفذت الكمية

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